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Residential and Commercial Architecture

Residential and commercial architecture is the base of the growth of a city. New industries and complex designs and architects are the reflections of modernization. India is a mixture of tradition and modernization. The partnership of interior designer and architecture is very important. People love their tradition with modern style, so the constructions also reflect the same. Residential and commercial architecture in Faridabad has come up with great ideas and modern styles to make the construction more attractive to people.

What is Residential Architecture?

Residential architecture is involved in single-family homes, apartments, condos, remodeling and construction projects. This architecture is based on personal choice and desire. This type of construction is concerned with the aesthetic of a home, which is very important.

Residential architecture design depends on two essential factors while constructing a home-


Residential buildings are mainly family place. So safety is a major factor. While making or remodeling a residential complex or house emergency exit, safety precautions should be settled from the beginning.


Home is a place of relaxation. People revive their energy and get a positive While building or remodeling a house the comfort zone should present.

Space of the Rooms:

The rooms of the house should be spacious so that the house can get proper light and air. It can change the ambiance of the house.


Construction of stairs is another vital point should be taken care of. The height of the stairs should not be very high, it should be spacious so that the moving of furniture can be easy.


House buildings very much required an attic. This can be a personal comfort zone. Most of the time an attic converted into small bedrooms, hangout places.


While designing a residential building, the proper design of plumbing is also very important. It should be in a proper place with the appropriate drainage system.

Roof Designing:

This is another most important part of a house is a terrace. People design it with their lovely ideas. Gardening, small dining can be easily made in the terrace and turn the boring roof into a favorite me-time place.

What is Commercial Architecture?

Commercial architecture is fully focused on office buildings, retail outlets and other business purposes. This type of architects requires eye sharp focus on future development.

Residential and commercial architecture in Faridabad has changed the concept of commercial buildings in quite a positive manner.

Commercial architecture design depends on some essential factors while constructing a building. The building should be accompanied with some facilities that are quite mandatory in commercial buildings.



Meeting rooms

Conference rooms

Large bathrooms



There are numerous architecture companies are present in India. They work very efficiently, residential and commercial architecture in Faridabad is famous in all types of architectural and designer work.